Cosmic Grooming

A late-night petite pen request on this busy Tuesday. 15-25 words divined from the painting “Higher Self” by Spooky Girl. If this image from the stars inspires you, pen me something cosmic.

“Higher Self” Spooky Girl

Cosmic Grooming

She makes music when she speaks.
Her hymnal hair
full of potential kinetic energy;
her wavy soul, legacy.
Cells multiply,
gleefully die.
cosmic grooming.

Β© 2022 | K.Hartless


    1. It’s a beautiful breath to have “Presence” on a separate line. You have a way of helping your reader pause and fully appreciate the words. Thank you for sharing this and reading my petite pen. πŸ’œ

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  1. Perfect Ekphrastic poem K. I think you prove that brevity has great impact when done well.

    I couldn’t resist a bash:

    Our strings of hopes and dreams
    Loop and sway,
    Until one day
    We snip them free
    And watch them constellate
    In bright array.

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    1. Why thank you, Marion. I love your imagery of cut-free constellations. Yes, brevity truly can be so beautiful, as you addition illustrates. I’m so glad you had a go at it. I’d say you knocked it out of this universe. 😁

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