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Flashback Track #67 asks us to share our feelings on covers, and I’m not talking about the bedroom kind, although if you’re anything like me, you may find yourself snuggling up to one of these songs late at night.

I think covers are a great way for music to skip generations, and outlive its creator(s). When an artist covers a song, it is a form of tribute, and I love when a cover song introduces me to a song I never would have heard otherwise or helps me understand the lyrics of a song in a new way. A cover can really help me to fall further in love with a track and appreciate it from a fresh perspective.

A favorite cover of mine is James Blake‘s version of “Case of You.” I discovered Joni Mitchell in college, and I own several albums of hers on vinyl (including Blue), but when I hear Blake’s version of this song with a slower tempo, there is a new wave of emotions and a new love formed from the melody.

I’m curious to know, what is your favorite cover song?

And be on the lookout for tomorrow’s Flashback track and musical invitation on Songshine.


  1. Totally agree! I don’t mind a cover done well. Unfortunately I can only remember the ones that should never have been done! Like All Saints cover of Under the Bridge, oh dear.

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  2. It’s hard to pick a single favorite cover song, but some great ones (to me anyway) in addition to “Me and Bobby McGee” mentioned above by Fandango, are “The Sound of Silence” by Disturbed, “The Crying Game” by Boy George, and “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” by Elton John.

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