This Poem Is Not Concrete

is not concrete.
It’s not set in stone
nor cement. It’s sedentary. 
Neither resilient nor reliable,
stable nor sturdy; this poem
is untrustworthy. Deliberately 
flammable, fearless, flirty. 
While it changes shape,
misbehaves, it’s worthy. 
Trim the wick. Watch 
it glow, but don’t 
blow it.
is my poem.

Artwork: “Candle Flame” Michael Creese

NaPoWriMo#28~Create a concrete poem. I dreaded this assignment as a child. I loved the leak of the words and then trying to mold them into a shape, I couldn’t even. But here, I’ve created my anti-concrete, concrete poem. “They tell me to stop, but I keep on going.” The finish line is a few days away. Then, my lovely muse rests.


    • Yes, it has been a challenge. I almost turned my back on a few of them, but I’ve been able to plow through these prompts. Today’s is well, not a favorite of mine, but the fairytales sound fun. I’ve been enjoying your responses, Carolyn. Best of luck finishing the final few. 💜


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