Hamlet, Folger Library Edition
New York: Washington Square Press, 1992

Ophelia left

everything in her flowers;

they gave nothing back.

Daisy petals lied;

withered when her father died.

Pansies lacked heart’s ease.

Violets, modesty.

Rue’s reprieve; she made good end.

Pray you remember.

© khartless 2022, All Rights Reserved

Ingrid is host for dVerse’s Tuesday’s Poetics: An Homage to the Bard and even though I’m teaching class this evening I had to share some haiku about my favorite Shakespearean character Ophelia from the tragedy, Hamlet.


  1. She should have stuck with the flowers and forgotten Hamlet….but I believe she was pregnant. There’s an alternate Hamlet that should be written from her point of view. Hamlet was a misery merchant and very privileged mass murderer…what a great literary hero

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    • Powerful perspectives,Jim. Hamlet was a lot like many young people I see, consumed with his problems, confused, hyper focused on the wrong things, and tragically damaged by his parents. Ophelia also matches many females thoughout history, defined by their male relations, unable to say what they mean, unable to be taken seriously, and treated as flowers, ornamental and to be displayed. 💜 thanks for this discussion. I’m really enjoying it.

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