A Strong Specimen

A little brevity to take us through Thursday. A petite pen request. 30 words or less to Ron Hick’s painting, ‘Impulsive.’ If you feel inspired, follow your impulse and pen me something beautiful and brief.

Ron Hicks ‘Impulsive’

A Strong Specimen

You grew on me
somewhere in Central Park
beneath tupelo trees.
Park bench luncheons,
cold-snap complaints,
one-way conversations,
sour lips.
but beneath sunny
skirt, a late bloom,
glossy honey.

© khartless 2022, All Rights Reserved


  1. Love this K. I have also had a stab – ’twas fun!

    Unaware I was a fraction,
    Until now.
    Is this what calculus observes ?
    An ever-moving swirl of impulse.
    My world for this brief moment
    Fitting me to one sweet kiss.

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