NaPoWriMo#14 Go to the Hills

Here is the hastily penned opening scene of the movie of my life. And despite what mountains I’ve had to climb, I find every day to be the most beautiful thing.

Babbling brook

taught me to type rhyme

and the trees, the way they wear different gowns

for each season’s ball, I want to dance with them all

with an open jaw. Life is a

a song’s long crescendo, rain the laughter,

the hills are my happily-ever-after.

The nostalgia of the last cove, and

love of the newest river bend.

My life is the lemon and the zest.

Offer me anyone else’s, and

I’ll take mine above all the rest.

© khartless 2022, All Rights Reserved


  1. “My life is the lemon and the zest.” I love lemons. A refreshing poem. And don’t we all have those Julie Andrews moments occasionally? I love this song accompaniment, it made me laugh 🙂


    • 😉 Yes, I have been on the tour in the winter for one of my birthdays. Is that were you are? It’s aching beautiful there. Didn’t wear my dirndl that trip, but it was an easy drive from Munich, where I lived.


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