Every Time

Every time you smile
an unfolded love letter,
black familiar curves
in combination treasured.

I never tire of reading
your body language
a ravine, a ridge;
your suggestive tone,
a word banquet.

And through your pen,
your hand brushes mine.
Let love’s pink tip satisfy
a turned-on mind.

© khartless 2022, All Rights Reserved

Cover Art: Helena Khoury ‘Love Letter’

I finished this poem after midnight so it counts for today, right? So, not sure I’ll squeak another verse out today, but I’ll leave it on the agenda and see what happens.

This poem was written for the Art of Seduction Radio Show airing this evening at 10 pm EST. Tonight’s show is inspired by lyrics from R&B duo René & Angela‘s hit song, “Your Smile.”

“When you smile I can feel/ All my passion unfolding/ Your hand brushes mine/ And a thousand sensations. Seduce Me.”


    • Thank you. So glad we are starting to treasure each other’s smiles again. When I first saw my students’ smiles, it was strange. Like I had imagined that part of their face and it was wrong, every time.

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