Love Buds

Raspberry bushes
pucker up, a lipsticked smooch.
Magnolia trees
have mystery, French chemistry
nestled in key lime pie leaves.
The bloom is overstimulating, and
love is an unfinished recipe.

Spring leans in, kisses me
with its buttercup
feel-you-up tongue,
and the garden beds are moist
from sloppy skies,
and my garden bed is moist
from daybreak sighs;
so much so that I softly coo,
I love you, to my surprise.

NaPoWriMo#10 A Love Poem

Cover Art: “Magnolia Flower Abstract Digital Painting Photograph” by Sandi OReilly


      • Your welcome, K. This reminded me of living in Ontario long ago, my girlfriend and I were in a fast-food joint and had some jello. We started kissing and sharing the jello! It actually was pretty fun… πŸ”₯

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  1. “love is an unfinished recipe”

    “Spring leans in, kisses me

    I enjoyed this sensory poem! The above lines especially. Love is always an unfinished recipe, not quite done, love that πŸ™‚

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  2. the nature of a season and what it brings and love that swoops in…the transition of relationships begins to flourish…like the first kiss…more sunshine to come! excellent piece of poetry and it even leaves room for another interpretation than what you may have intended!

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