NaPoWriMo #9 Lunar Souse

Calmness resides in
an arched back
nestled in sprouting grass,
a full frontal relax.

She is the egg,
patient and full of care,
waiting for the silverfish
that swim in albumen air
to burrow her there.

Pale pink spring bulge
cools the heat of rash,
breath and rhythms regulate
submerged in moon bath.

She wants the deep seed,
a Pitta Dosha face sitting,
love’s reflective energy
to soothe her hormonal hives,

expose her soft knolls
to luna’s fleshy thighs
purge emotional sediment.
A rainbow kiss,
her white holes flow with bliss.

A heavenly body
in celebration,
earthshine repletion, and
gratitude with each completion


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