NaPoWriMo #7 Blame it on the Bunny

Lovers hump each other’s carrot legs
behind the neighborhood trashcans
howling at an Easter egg moon.

Empty egg crates stink, and
‘I don’t care’ marshmallows
flurry in a field of dust.

Rumpled sunflower hair
crosses a pillow’s border;
bed is a natural burrow.

Blame it on the bunny:

All fluff and sugary peep,
a basket without any grass
hops past wolves with a grin.

Pink puffer coat tight as skin,
pom pom hat in heat skis
the slippery slope of sex appeal.

Mounds in the yard of her chest
all the boys are ready for an egg hunt
in her amethyst blouse.

Blame it on the bunny:

Baskets must be filled,
resurrection requires skill, and
every bear needs honey.

© khartless 2022, All Rights Reserved

NaPoWriMo#6 prompted us to challenge common idioms or phrases that are inaccurate, and so I’ve decided to share this poem written jab at all the bunny sayings: dust bunnies, a ski bunny, a dumb bunny, a beach bunny, blouse bunnies, a cuddle bunny, and the saying, screw like bunnies. I hope this poem illustrates the sexist undertones of these sayings, which I’ve paired this funny bunny of a poem with the beautiful artwork of Lisa Aisato.


  1. I enjoyed the tumble of imagery here, K.Hartless. My favourite lines:

    “Rumpled sunflower hair
    crosses a pillow’s border;”

    “hops past wolves with a grin.”

    “all the boys are ready for an egg hunt”

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