A bit of brevity for the midweek slump. This is a petite pen request for this -before service image. Write 15-20 words to the image below. Feel free to pen your own 15-20 if it strikes your fancy.

Sticky ends.
          Snow splits boughs.
                          Cherry blossoms curled by douse.

Comb them out.
        Windowpane breath.
                              Frost hasn’t finished her yet.


      1. Indeed. Poetry helps me to do this, but perhaps a bit too much. Then I end up with a skeletal draft because I’m too cryptic. Ah well, whatever you are doing clearly works. I am hoping this weekend finds me with a bit of time to start a new story.

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      2. You’re ever so flattering, milady ❤ I usually let my stories stay a little bigger because I can't bear taking out sentences that sound good 😁

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      1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. That was fun. I may have to reflect on writing more of these. Challenging myself to write with less words proves helpful for me. You’re welcome, K. Was my pleasure. 💜


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