My Life

Inspired by my recent showcase, I’ve also created a poem based on a Billy Joel’s track from his album, 52nd Street. ‘My Life’ is a mantra. My version has some adult themes, so readers be forewarned.


You tell me: bike in the lane,
but I’m a handlebar honey,
two more turns in the batting cage.
Steer me round a mountain bike trail.
the baseball diamond has no bases,
but guess what, baby,
we’re still going to make it.
And there’s no wrong way
to cross home plate.

You tell me: play nice,
tickle his ego ‘til he’s ready to try it.
Bunt the ball; lean in on his pitch,
but I’m not the play it safe
kinda bitch.
I’m full throttle flame,
and I’ve got decent aim.
Stolen many a base,
got my head in the game.

You tell me: sit the bench,
cheer your mates,
all that sportsmanlike behavior,
but I’m no respectful team player.
I’ll pitch hit in a pinch,
if the curve looks right,
up and switch. Besides,
cleats are made for clay.
I’m not above rolling in the dirt
if there’s no room in the hay.

So before you go cause strife,
keep it to yourself; it’s my life.


  1. Ah, this song brings back memories of my rebellious youth. lol I used to turn the volume up and sing (scream) the lyrics to my mother at the top of my lungs through the closed bedroom door.

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