The Merry Wanderer

Sweep away the cobwebs
merry wanderer of the night.
Sprinkle love’s magic juice
onto the budding eyelids
of youth. Oath for oath,
I’ll follow you,
around the bog’s
sparkling fire,
in midst of fog,
through burning bier.

Sometimes a horse,
sometimes a hound.
Up and down
and up and down;
no remedy to be found.

Haughty Henchman, evermore,
mischievous goblin,
headless boar,
forceful as a flower
he sweeps away the after-hours,
love’s damp decay,
the roasted crab is often crass;
a jester’s jab, droplets of
moist vivaciousness,
as charming as an ass
to kiss.

Is he not a witty Jack?
And every Jack
will have his Jill.
The filly foal
through bush
shall not go ill.

Give me your hands,
ye pranksters and liars!
Everyone let forth his sprite
on this black-browed midsummer night.

© khartless 2022, All Rights Reserved

You may recognize many borrowed lines and phrases from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This poem was written for Twisted Tuesday’s Radio show honoring the wit and whimsy of the characters in the play.


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