After Midnight

An impulse write as I realized that I hadn’t responded to last week’s Flashback Track Friday #61 that asks what you’ve been up to after midnight. Well, here’s one of the first memories that came to mind.

After midnight

fingers grip

chain link fence

dogs bark disapproval

as the moon frisbee

tosses across the lap pool

out of the mouth’s reach

a nervous unbuttoning

the quick unzip

time to see if our

puzzle pieces fit

a silky dark dip

tread water inside each other

arms and legs in full motion

throats croaking in the shadows

no galaxy in sight,

skinnydipping after midnight.


    • Thank you, Tom. What’s terrible is I couldn’t think of anything else to share that happened after midnight, and so I drank a bottle of red and wrote this. Short and punch might be all I’ve got after a nice bottle of red. 😂

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