Death of a Public Servant

Behold, the crooked politician,
a primate before the primaries.
Swollen leg a map of all the places
he’s trampled on then placated,
pure water sources he’s contaminated.
Bullshit bulges of a swollen career.

Witness the free-loading legislator;
he’s gartering and bartering
the geography of his reign, we’ve
bandaged his tax breaks, but
but not the ooze of his campaign
turned rotten, gangrene.

The statesman’s soiled ads,
seashell fads decorate the airwaves:
lies, retractions, cover-ups, disease.
He’s propagated all of these, and
the angry seagulls flap aggressively
on his brow against the breeze.

Beware the lawmaker’s conjunctivitis eyes.
His lies grew his nose to ballsack size.
He tries to hitch rides on
the backs of national pride,
but there are rough seas ahead.
We’d bid him good luck
if we didn’t all wish him dead.

Let’s just say
he’s been forewarned–
if he treads too long
will drown him by morn.

© khartless 2022, All Rights Reserved

March 25th episode of Late Night Poets Break on Through
Inspired by the artwork of Philip Guston


  1. WOW… now tell us how you really feel…lol
    You truly have a way with words…this is part comical and a sad description… but to play the game you should know who is participating! Now I know…
    Seriously, this is a masterful piece, regardless of anyone’s view… from a poet’s perspective, you hit the mark…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I know, I had no idea it would be so charged, but hey, must be the subconscious angst from current events. So glad you enjoyed my wicked wordy ways.


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