Spring-Heeled Laughs

‘Early Spring Fantasy’ Alexander Chebotarev

The giddy woodpecker
returns to his carpentry,
a joker punching lines
in backyard trees,
and the neighbor’s rearview
window’s tinted green,
hungover from last night’s
shamrock drowning.

I take out the trash through
diamond-wearing grass,
new sandals give a pinch,
amusing the gossiping goldfinch.

Spring is invading,
that great pretender.
I lie down in the yard,
good book in hand
and surrender.

This was an extension of today’s #vss365 the prompt: joker. Spring has been pulling our legs for weeks, but today it has invaded full force. Happy Friday!


    • Yes, there’s that lived in musk, no? πŸ˜‚ All in a morning’s walk. Funny, those first spring feelings that used to come this time of year, now seems more like a ruse. Thank you for reading and commenting here, Tom.

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