Queen Conch

‘Vessel of Utter Bliss’ Michael Cheval

Give me true love’s kiss.
Climb inside my conch shell
to live in melded bliss.

Embrace collective destiny
tucked in a turtle grass bed;
two hermits in harmony,

we’ll ride the salty seas.
Savor seagrass meadows
tangled in wild algae.

Fully formed, rosy bare.
My ruffled flair has opened;
join my spiraled lair.

Draw close the operculum.
Thrust those knob-like spines,
spasms aren’t burdensome.

Grab my mottled haunch.
Squeeze my moist, soft body.
Worship me, Queen Conch.

© khartless 2022, All Rights Reserved

Written for an Exploring Ekphrasis contest. I enjoyed the puzzle of Michael Cheval’s paintings. This one comes from his collection, “Illusions of Absurdity.” I will definitely return to his works for more inspiration.


    • Thank you, John. If you’re willing to share a shell with someone, that’s devotion. I enjoyed writing to this artist. His works are brimming with ideas just waiting to be made into something.

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