Eyeing the Quadrille #147

Björn is the host for tonight’s Quadrille #147, a 44-word poem containing the word “eye.” I was inspired by my visit to Burano and the women there working so meticulously to create lace. Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. Be sure to join me in raising the positive visibility of women and their roles. This year’s lace festival theme, “absence of a hug,” is in recognition of the social distancing and designs born from the past two years.

Eyelet Dreams

Wind-swept rainbows,

the absence of a hug,

a leaning watchtower, 

Gros Point above

weblike canals,

tucked in-between

folded handkerchief greetings, 

hand-made pinafores

trimmed crisp and clean.

Their history is adorning things,

tiny patterns stitched 

in Burano evenings, 

on tumbolo pillows

and women’s eyelit dreams.


  1. You paint such beautiful pictures. Today I will raise a glass to you and women everywhere. Never stop fighting till you have true equality. 💖


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