Story Time Sunday #46

Dear Readers, Today’s micro-fiction was written in response to the photo below, and well, with a strict word count, which I may have gone over slightly. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Sunday!

Cave Half-Full

“Okay, calm down, everyone! Think.” Dan lifts his hand to his forehead. I much preferred Dan as second-in-command.

“What’s there to think about. We’re all fucked, Dan. He’s the only one with gear to get us outta this hellhole,” Roy stuffs his hands in his pockets. Empty.

“Look, there’s no way to see if you’re all crowding out the only source of light.” Dan motions and we all step back.

“Possible he landed on his pack.” Lydia kneels as if getting closer to the hole helped.

“Hook that lantern.” I react. “Lower it in.” That’s when I realize it. I’m now second-in-command.

He’s the best spelunker, I know.” Lydia’s light falters. “He might be clinging,” one last flicker, “partway down.”

But the rest of us just can’t see the cave half-full.

© khartless 2022, All Rights Reserved


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