Chop Shop

For the March 4th episode of Late Night Poets Into the Darkness, we were asked to craft a piece of Splatterpunk poetry. I’ve never written Splatterpunk before, but the idea of crafting a piece without limits that pushes past conventions appealed to me greatly. Readers beware; splatterpunk is often graphic and gory in nature, and this piece is no exception. Does this piece match the genre? I’d love your feedback.

Chop Shop

Doesn’t take long
before they all get sliced.
Trim the fatties,
get a carving for the wife.

Lose a tip to break a tie,
snick a nose to be naughty,
to be sexy, slim a thigh.
There are so many options–
why not carve out an eye?

People got all kinds of kinks,
trim their triceps in the sink.
Everybody gets an itch
for a brand new row of stitch.

When we found that half a head
kept us breathing in the end,
lopsided living became the trend;
asymmetry’s a girl’s best friend.

Shave a sliver off their lips.
Give their earlobes little nips.
It’s okay if bellies rip.
Teeth were made to pull and chip.

Four toes, cute.
Three toes, wow her.
Two toes gives him all the power.

Come on baby,
Let me trim you.
Clip you.
Mince you.
Dice you.
Snip you.

If her nipples ain’t been cleft,
chances are her man has left.

If hubby won’t cube his chubby,
the ladies likely find him scrubby.

If you don’t let him cleave you,
pack your backs, he’s gonna leave you.

Be sure to make a stop
at my brand new Chop Shop
where the deep cuts never stop.

© khartless 2022, All Rights Reserved

Flashback Track Friday #57 took a look at first cuts, and well, we were asked to write about a lucky break. While this definitely isn’t on that exact topic, the theme feels related to the track. A first cut that leads to a future of self-mutilation. Be sure to check out tomorrow’s flashback track.

Artwork: ‘Still Beautiful’ Milda Stockiene


  1. I think you did a great job! This was especially enjoyable.
    “lopsided living became the trend;
    asymmetry’s a girl’s best friend.”

    Liked by 1 person

      • You are always a fun read and many times have added to my vocabulary. “Transgressively” sounds aggressive. I am thinking of stealing it… But I transgress. 🙂 It was a great poem.

        Liked by 1 person

      • hey… *looks slowly to the left, to the right, and back into your eyes* sometimes I invent words and argue with the dictionary.


  2. “the idea of crafting a piece without limits that pushes past conventions” Your write definitely qualifies, K. It’s masterful in flow, rhythm and rhyme too. An excellent piece.


    • Thank you. Almost chickened out of posting this piece, but I’m glad I did. I like the shock value of the splatterpunk style. As the author it gives me a menacing grin. 😁


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