She Reigns Supreme

This poem was prepared for the March 9th episode of Late Night Poets Art of Seduction inspired by tarot cards. Enjoy!

High Priestess Tarot Card

In a realm that is neither
black nor white,
alive nor dead,
feet nor head,
there is a cloudy bed
where sits the High Priestess,
wisdom’s go-between,
a figure of shadowy existence,
sibling of Persophone.
No seed can be wasted.
No truth ungleaned.
Veiled visionary,
she is a windowpane
to the sacred spaces
without and within.

Bound by blue robes,
drawn with Diadem,
christ’s cross her shield,
the crescent moon
a foothold for her feet.
She is sanctuary,
her voice, retreat.

Established strength,
the feminine and masculine,
Artemis’ arrows, and
Isis’ ankh;
she gives her blessings,
accepts our thanks.

The third pillar,
the path between,
she is wisdom to all who pull her,
the precognitive mother,
keeper of dreams.

Go to her. She reigns supreme.

© khartless 2022, All Rights Reserved

March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate all that is feminine and divine, so I will showcase some of my works this month that tell the stories of women past, present, and future.


      • indeed; as writers too, we must embrace opposites and as you said in a recent comment on ‘Chamber’ it’s good to explore one’s ‘darker’ nature —


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