Inaugural Cycle

The weather was gracious to us this past weekend, so I took my two small children out on our inaugural bike ride of the season to the local park. Amazing their different reactions to being back on wheels, and so I’ve tried to capture their distinct reactions and our family’s joy of cycling in this short poem. Enjoy!

Timid girl,
sway and swish,
the pop and click
of spring’s early picnic.
Sweat and spit,
I’ve had enough of
winter’s crying fit,
the hot pink Pigsqueek,
find something firm,
grasp and reach,
grasp and reach.

Rollercoaster guy,
limbs outstretched
wheels aligned;
a body designed to fly,
erratically swerving
honey bee,
Mom’s Busy Lizzie,
shadow brought him relief.
Glide without grief,
glide without grief.

Artwork: ‘Days Happiness’ D. Esteves

Many of you know I love rollerskating, and well, this is pure joy, so I had to post it. Cheers.


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