Showcase Saturday #1 Paradise

Songshine’s first Showcase Saturday is a poem by John Malone not to be missed. We’d love to spread your music-inspired posts on our new Saturday Showcase. Let us know if you have artwork, articles, poetry, or flash inspired by music that we could feature on our site.

Happy Saturday!

Songshine Sounds

We’re pleased to present our very first Showcase Saturday. For our inaugural post, we’re thrilled to share a fantastic tribute to the late Meatloaf written by the talented pen of John Malone. Be sure to check out more of his works here.

Meatloaf: a Mash-Up is a confessional poem that captures the link between music and memory. Enjoy!

When I was a horny teen, I sometimes dreamt of finding

paradise by the dashboard lights, but dad wouldn’t let me

have his car so that was that; my big brother who was into

philosophy, said, don’t worry, buddy, heaven can wait;

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    1. Hi Hobbo, Your link wasn’t getting me to the Rhapsody parody–I even tried combing through October, but I didn’t find it. Is it possible it’s not the link anymore? I did, however, find your delightful “50 Ways” parody. Let me know if it would be okay to showcase that one or if I’m missing the link to the other one. Cheers.

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      1. Yes, of course, I’d be happy for you to use “50 ways”. I’ll have another look for the rhapsody one, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. You know what me and Dauphy are like with technology! 😂

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      2. Thank you, dear Hobbo.💜 I’m so glad you found it, and well, I love all your poems ,as I’m sure you know. We will definitely showcase this piece another upcoming Saturday. Many thanks.

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