A Big God

Friday Flashback # 55 features Joan Osburne’s track ‘One of Us” and asks us to ponder what one question would we pose should we be given the chance to speak with God? As a child, I remember thinking of god as big, massive. God was the man in the sky, a strict teacher, an all-father, a dictator of sorts.

The higher power has so many names and roles in the various religions that I’ve studied since then that I feel no closer to unraveling the mystery of what is god. While I grew up with a god that was strict and had lots of rules to follow, I have always been drawn to the concept of a higher power, a connector that heals us with pure love. Nowadays, I find myself exploring the puddle of god that resides within each of us, the part of ourselves that makes us one with god.

With so many contradictory perceptions, my question to the higher power would be simple:

What is your main role?

I think in understanding the higher power’s purpose, I would also understand my link to this purpose.

So, what question might you ask, if you had just one question?

Be sure to join us tomorrow on Songshine for a new Flashback track and writing invitation.


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