Bavarian Winter

I spent last winter in Bavaria, Germany writing lots of brevity during the long days of lockdown. It was challenging to be so far from home during this strange time, but I am honored to share today that A Wintertide Trio: three small poems written during the longest lockdown, was published for the first time today on Spillwords. A huge thank you to Dagmara K. for selecting my words for publication. I will share one of the poems here in the hopes that you will be compelled to visit Spillwords and read my other two small poems. Kind regards, K.

Candlemas Pilgrimage

Suitcase cold,
I fulfill my itinerary locally.
My back deck is Budapest,
ancient city of balustrade bridges,
algae green planks, the Buda Castle.
Inside, the pantry is Sicily;
amid the curves of canisters,
my putto son pulls down sweets.
His flourishing eyes
the highlight of my pilgrimage.


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