Her beauty makes the mountains blush,

the clouds carve a heart to offer her

as tribute when the tuxedoed evening comes.

These days, I can’t see hearts or stars

through the city’s halo,

and these memories fade like scars

as I follow the brain’s breadcrumbs–

frozen roses, chocolate ladybugs

both lead me back to Lake Sarnen.

A guest to the nuptials of calm waters

and constellations, amidst

cool sips of craft beer;

the silence of civil consideration,

and one universal truth:

heaven is a hammock

on a hillside; a place

beside you.

© khartless 2022, All Rights Reserved

My photograph taken May 2021.

This poem is written for Flashback Friday #54 Heaven is a Place on Earth which asks us to write about a place we consider close to heaven. While living in Germany, I took two trips to Switzerland. Both times were breathtaking adventures, peaceful and rejuvenating, and this place, in particular, was really heaven on earth.


      • Oh, yes, some places do make us breathless. Oh, indeed, I do. An early morning hike in the mountains, a little mist, waterfalls, just as the sun is coming up, and light is filtering in through the canopy of trees, not too many people around, quiet. Is beautiful. Also, the ocean at sunest and sunrise, by myself, watching the sun rise and or set, listening to the ocean come in and go back out. Just like that. Those are two. 💜

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    • Yes, I feel the same. When you see it in person, it doesn’t sink in fully, but when I revisit my photographs from that place, I am in awe. Thanks for reading and commenting here, Ritish.


  1. ‘Heaven is a hammock on a hillside; a place beside you’ – Like Worms, I love these ending lines. Hope you’re able to get back to the lake one day.

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