Quadrille #145 Nibble Me Numb

“Take a bite of my heart!”
But instead, you choose
to nibble, tiny mindful chews
between soap operas and the
evening news. And now my organ’s
frayed and bruised. You’ve swallowed
my senses; I’m all confused.
Give me brokenness or arrows
to gnawing abuse.

d’Verse Poets Pub: Quadrille #145~Mish invites us to take a nibble in creating a quadrille (44-word poem). As it’s getting close to that infamous V Day, I thought I’d share this nippy romance. Join us.

Artwork: ‘Queen of Hearts’ Daniela Uhlig


    1. Thank you, Charlotte. I keep pushing myself to write some unrhymed verse, but there is a natural voice that emerges in the rhyme for me. I really appreciate your kind comment.


    1. Indeed. Like a fish not sure if there’s a feast or net ahead. Thanks, Mish. A great choice for tonight’s quadrille. I’ve enjoyed both writing and reading on this topic.


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