God is a Mirrorball

God is a mirrorball;
see yourself in his gaze.
His name reflected on your forehead.
It pleases him to invite you in
through fog machine clouds
to the rainbow dome, his throne,

where straight and gay
sashay away in his glory,
inhabiting heavenly tunes–
God will be your strobe light.
The stars, his angels, glitter
in stride, twinkle in a heavenly choir.

Nations moonwalk,
tribes and tongues do the twist, so
waltz away your tears with tissues of clouds.
You are here; he is now.

Besides, the moves are all free.
Mirrorball god, lake of crystal
that never rusts,
for where you two-step,
your heart will also floss.

Transparent as glass,
these tap-dance streets;
Soul Train pearly gates swing
open with the beat.

The club is a paradise,
a house made of hand jives,
of rectangular thunder and lightning,
whole-shack-shimmy stardom;
the seven spirits do the slide kinda vibe.

Bread of life, teach me how to Dougie
about a bar of age-ed wine.
I’m a believer; the mirrorball’s divine.

© khartless 2022, All Rights Reserved

For the 2/11 episode of Late Night Poets~ Break on Through
Inspired by the artwork of David Dalabo


      1. 😀 since writing this I’ve been seeing mirrorballs everywhere. Is it the chicken egg syndrome, or just that I miss the freedom of the dance floor?


  1. Love the images in this poem.
    ‘Nations moonwalk,
    tribes and tongues do the twist, so
    waltz away your tears with tissues of clouds.’ If heaven exists, let it be like this!

    Liked by 1 person

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