I’m Getting Better and Better

Cocoa butter circles,
the deep soak of essential oils 
and songs like playful waves;
I'm getting better at caring for myself these days. 

Menus like treasure maps,
raw flavors and whole foods
quality kitchen time soul Soufflés;
I'm getting better at feeding myself these days.

I walk alone robed in woods.
Biking trails like skipping rocks,
appreciating an inward gaze;
I'm getting better at nurturing my soul these days. 

Breath a rhythm, 
reconsider syncopated beats,
blanket patting instead of fraying wires;
I'm getting better at putting out my own fires.

A butterfly surprise in the bedroom,
the journal page is tidal,
writing is my afternoon delight;
I'm getting better at manifesting my sight.

Acknowledging errors,
hugging myself in forgiveness,
stitching mistakes into a quilt;
I'm getting better at letting go of the guilt. 

© khartless 2021, All Rights Reserved
Reposted from last January

Artwork: ‘Bubble Bath’ Sharon Cummings

Go ahead, pat yourself on the back. What are you getting better and better at these days?


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