A Goodbye in January

Raised on black & white,
I’m normally no forgiver.
Besides, she’s a road walked,
a dead-end, a looking glass sliver.
To add emphasis to this,
I stand to deliver,
and just when I think there’s
nothing else I can give her–
I watch her shiver.

Artwork: ‘Your Voice’ by Joanne Nam

Tonight, Merril is the host at the d’Verse Poets Pub-Quadrille #144 Shivering. Craft a poem of 44 words exactly that uses some variation of the word “shiver.” Brrr. It’s dreadfully cold here. Hope you’ll join us.


  1. So, you can offer her warmth. Isn’t that lovely? I like that. Who she is, I do not know but that you’re looking for something to give to her, tells me she is important to you. Lovely thought.

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    • She’s very important to me as she is me. If I could go to this moment, I would give this past self a glimpse of the future so that she could see how strong she was and how this was for the best. Thank you, Selma, for stopping by and engaging my poem.


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