Flashback Track Friday #52

Happy Friday! Let the wild rumpus begin.

Songshine Sounds

It’s Friday! Time to hit the bars or better yet open up that dusty record player and put on a stack of groovy tunes. I know a favorite in my house now as well as when I was growing up was ‘Wild Thing’ performed by English garage rock band, The Troggs. While they were the first band to take the song to #1 it was covered many times, and written in 1965 by Chip Taylor. “I treat all my songs seriously,” Taylor says. “There was an honesty to the song. Sure, when you break it down there’s not a lot to it. But when I was writing it, I was treating it as the most serious thing in the universe.”

Asked to write a song for an up-and-coming rock band and given a 24-hour deadline, Taylor found the chords of the song right away but struggled to find the lyrics…

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