Underwater Rendezvous

This poem was written for Late Night Poet’s Art of Seduction Radio Show which aired on January 12th. Poets were asked to draw inspiration from “The Hush of the Very Good” by Todd Boss. This poem contains adult themes and is best enjoyed with a glass of wine and a grin. Cheers!

Spread legs in a stream,
the extra skin
a pair of wet blue jeans
wedged between
mossy river rocks
gushing gleam.
Your breath a whiffle,
rapids seep between the riffles.

The constant flow
hands explode
bare boulders exposed
you drip over me
wet and slow.

My soul dips and skips,
unpredictable fluidity,
moist fingertips
our figures form a pair of lips,
smushed together,
hushabye mountain,
the perfect kiss.

The constant flow
tongues explode
bare bottom exposed
you drip over me
wet and slow

Lay me down in the river bed
beneath bubbling sheets
beside a gorgeous godhead
the waters will embed.
Underwater rendezvous,
soaked through and through;
let our souls be wed.

© khartless 2022, All Rights Reserved

Artwork: “Untitled” Moki


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