Lake of Burning Sexuality

Last Girl’s Club ‘Winter Solstice 2021 Magazineis all about one word: Devotion. So, it makes sense that my overly sincere article “Lake of Burning Sexuality,” appears within its pages. It’s the sort of scorcher you write and think to yourself, I’m never, ever going to publish this one, no matter what.

And then you realize it needs to be published; that there are conversations there that need to take place. The article is filled with unfiltered events from my life, so I’ll just pop an introductory preview here in the hopes that you’ll be compelled to stop by Last Girl’s Club, download a free copy (it’s on sale!), and complete this red-hot read yourselves.

Happy Friday!

Lake of Burning Sexuality

I was saved wearing footie pajamas. My family attended night service every Christmas Eve at the local Southern Baptist church. The sermon that evening was fire and brimstone. As a child with a vivid imagination, I felt overwhelming anxiety about the unquenchable fires of hell. I was terrified of the afterlife, pondering how painful the lake of fire would burn if I died before I decided to be born again. 

My painful rebirth happened before puberty, and as a result, thoughts of my own sexuality were always highly flammable. Fornication was the gateway to hell, and any form of sexuality was to be stockpiled in preparation for a long, bunker-style marriage.


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