Draw Out a Water Muse–Quadrille #143

DeJackson aka WhimsyGizmo tasked us with summoning our inner muse and creating a quadrille-44 word poem that includes the word “muse.” Hope you find my instructions for summoning a water muse ‘amusing.’ Join us.

How To Draw Out a Water Muse

Wade into the warmth

of wise words.

The ocean’s a bath bomb, 

float amongst her silky sunsets,

soak up the nourishment

of bubbly new notes,

liquid laughter. After all,

adventure is an essential oil

that softens the soul.

Come, water my muse with me. 

© khartless 2020, All Rights Reserved

Artwork: Tetka Rhu


  1. Beautifully penned across the board, but these lines…

    “After all,
    adventure is an essential oil
    that softens the soul.”

    As we survive in this global pandemic where I am sorely missing that essential oil in my life to refuel me, I feel those lines deeply.

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    • I wish for you then adventures great and small in 2022. Some of my greatest adventures were only a few miles away. Getting lost in a park, spending the day with a new person, or in a new museum. Cheers to all of this for us both in 2022.

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    • Thank you, Jeff. Huge praise coming from you. I’m beginning to realize water in all forms fills me with new verse. Will have to consider living closer to the surface of an beautiful body of water in the future, I think.


  2. “The ocean’s a bath bomb”
    How wonderful. I simply love this. And since my muse is essentially a mermaid, I definitely need this advice!

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