Snow Appeal

Today may yet be glamorous.
Sunlight makes movie stars
out of floating ice,
and the dalmatian walkway
a rare, fur-lined luxury,
encircles the pond’s silky bosom.
Diamonds of salt skitter underfoot
and the pearly streetlight
waits patiently for her lover,
the dusk,
to spark her aglow.

No, I tell myself,
today is not a holding cell.
Golden grasses wiggle free
from snow’s clingy embrace, and
fallen branches
decorate in place of light displays.
Their future, neither freedom
nor a jail.

© khartless 2021, All Rights Reserved


    • Thank you very kindly, Jeff. I’m grateful for my imagination, as it makes the ordinary extraordinary. Here’s to a winter of finding new beauty on well-worn paths.


  1. That wonderful line about ‘sunshine making movie stars of floating ice reminds me so much of the Fleetwood Mac lyric, ‘players only love you while they’re playing. 👏

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