The Medicine Man

As a child, I wanted nothing more than to become an Environmental Scientist and save the planet. For that reason, I watched the movie Medicine Man over and over again, imagining myself swinging through the rainforest in search of a cure to cancer that would save thousands of lives.

The score of this film written by Jerry Goldsmith always takes me to a creative place. In a way, I’ve internalized the values of the film by always being curious enough to research new things, by enjoying my work teaching people from different cultures and backgrounds, and by always being up for the next big adventure.

Flashback Track Friday #47 asks us to share a song featured in a movie. Well, this is one created for a movie, but I think it still works. What song featured in a film will you always remember?


  1. This is a beautiful score I had not heard. Goldsmith is composing legend of course. Film scores carry such creative energy don’t they? They can inspire beyond the movies they are made for even.

    This score reminded me of another great film score from a composer of the same generation – John Barry. Of his work I’ll choose “The John Dunbar theme” from Dances With Wolves to contribute here. As it is now forever tied (to me personally) to my late Uncle Bruce who was, in fact, the environmental savior you speak of here. I listened to this song the last day I ever saw him. He spent his 9 lives on 6 different before brain cancer finally claimed him. He died tragically, but joyfully with no regrets. A personal hero.

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