Fibbing Friday

  • 1. According to a song from a Disney animated movie, who put the “glad” in “gladiator”? Oh, that’s Pollyanna. I love playing the “glad” game. Don’t you?
  • 2. What classic Disney film showcased short animated sequences set to classical music scores?

OH MY GOODNESS! WILLY THE WHALE, I didn’t think anyone else knew about those talented tonsils.

  • 3. What classic Disney live action film featured Sean Connery singing? Wasn’t he the main voice in the realistic portrayl of a happy life as a slave in the deep south? Zippydedodah, no, wait, I might have made that one up…
  • 4. What In the Disney film, That Darned Cat, staring Haley Mills, did the cat’s name, D.C. stand for? Didn’t Castrate, right? I think he went on to father quite a few litters in that courageous film.
  • 5. Exactly who were the main characters of Disney’s In Search of the Castaways searching for? Well, Wilson, of course. These days, you can just buy him on amazon. You’re very own Wilson
  • 6. Which Disney “live action” remake technically had no live actors or animals, and was really just a CG animated film with realistic graphics? Why, Darby O’Gill of course. Those were real leprauchans, I just know it.
  • 7. Who played the Genie in Disney’s live action remake of Aladdin? Kim Jong Un, right? or did I mistake this one?
Kim Jong-un - Wikipedia
  • 8. Who or what was Chip in Disney’s animated movie, Beauty and the Beast? Oh, that little bugger was on Gustav’s and the Beast’s shoulder for about 2/3rds of the film, if I remember correctly.
  • 9. The prince in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty was named after what real-life Royal? Well, Henri the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, of course. Uncanny resemblence, no?
Henri of Luxembourg (2009).jpg
  • 10. What question did the caterpillar ask Alice in Disney’s animated classic, Alice in Wonderland? If I hit you with a dictionary, is that verbal abuse or physical assault?

Oh, it’s been too long. Here’s my Fibbing Friday for December 17th. Frank is the host. Be sure to join us in laughter. Happy Friday!


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