White Skies

white skies
mopped the other colors; 
winter loves a good disguise. 

white skies 
disinfected the season; 
holiday dough won't rise. 

white skies 
surrender unarmed; 
each minute another flake dies.


Electric lights,
strung out
like pearls
on the neck of the night.

Stale sunlight,
like young love–
Winter Jasmine off-white.

Pluck away
each androgynous day
without pain.

I love her,
I love him not.
In filtered light,
it’s all the same.

Warning:  The video contains adult images.

© khartless 2021, All Rights Reserved

“Loner” by Dehd


    1. Thank you, I was thinking of the daisy’s we pluck, but also how it’s become more about not he loves me or she loves me but something less genderfied. Appreciate you reading and commenting, Michelle.

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