Blushing Pilgrims

You raked the surface of your lips with teeth,
a wintertime lawn of leaves.
At sunrise, a dewy surface
of indifference.
A benign offering
of kisses served cold,
the tinkling of an unwanted toast.
Proper gratitude
for your tidy tepidness;
I was humble like that.

In the evenings, you pounded fleshy lips,
meat tenderizers,
squashing and kneading.
your pulpy, red cushions
beaten bright, forced
kisses served hot.
A match to our inferno,
between handfuls of hair
you singe me again;
I was a sucker for that.

© khartless 2021, All Rights Reserved

Artwork: “Blushing Pilgrims” Jitske Schols

Jessie Reyez “Coffin”


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