Story Time Sunday #34

Henry McCausland

Equality Club Campout

The members of the Equality Club took their first official campout seriously. Each one staked a pasty-white, bloated marshmallow before circling around a raging fire to chant in unison, “Death to white privilege!” 

The group sat gleefully as the gooey symbols of systemic racism melted and charred over the flames. 

“You’re fired!” Ning shouted, unwilling to free her captive until its alabaster skin browned with calluses, several layers liquifying, leaking into the pit. 

The club nibbled s’mores silently; after all, this was a solemn event. And it’s not every day social activists get to squish whiteness between crackers of color.

This Sunday, I’m sharing a 100-word story written from a NY Times Picture Prompt. My students and I enjoy writing to these images as warm-ups and find they spark new ideas. Happy Sunday!


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