Thankful to Know

Thankful to know when the landscape is shining,
When warm winds are blowing
And nature is fair,
Thankful to find that your smile is still glowing,
Thankful to know that your music is there.

Thankful to know when the night sky is gleaming
And breezes are colder
But sweeten the air,
Thankful to feel your strong hand on my shoulder,
Thankful to know that you always will care.

Thankful to know when the morning comes calling,
The world reemerges
And moves everywhere
As I am driven by all of its surges,
Thankful you steady the life that we share.

Thankful to know as the years lie before us
Love is a fabric
That nothing can tear.
As you transform ordinary to magic,
Thankful to know that you’ll always be there.

Unknown Author

Thankful to Know By K.Hartless (9th grade)

Thankful to know when waves are crashing

Weather is wealth

We equally share.

As seasons cycle stronger and faster,

Thankful that nothing alone do I bare.

Thankful to find that words contain magic,

A new constellation

holds nightly allure

Thankful to know your stars are still shining

Thankful for to know your embraces still cure.

What are you thankful to know this Thanksgiving Day? I’m thankful for knowing my passions and purpose and pursing them. My highschool English teacher had me write a mimic poem with this unknown poem of thankfulness. I’ve used this same template over the years to have my students express their thankfulness this time of year. This year, I am thankful for my new blogging friends and My Yardsale of Thoughts, a place I created last December to share my love of fiction.

Artwork by natzufall. Be sure to check out their gallery on DeviantArt.


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