Spent the day at Blue Sky Beach

Spent the day at blue sky beach
Fishing for sun rays on a cumulus cloud
Waves billow by
White and gray
Rockets blasting off in space.

Spent the day at blue sky beach
Feet dangling off a troposphere pier
Granite tide caves
Skyscraper sea
Spider webs of clapping waves.

Spent the day at blue sky beach
Scooping clumps of golden cirrus
Sandcastle grin
Opaque tower spires
Illuminated from within.

Spent the day at blue sky beach
Meteors of white and grey
Black cloud sand
Fuzzy privacy
My rippling stratus strand.

© khartless 2021, All Rights Reserved

A dVerse Poet’s Pub Poem-Sarah hosts Poetics this evening with an ekphrastic prompt inspired by the breath-taking artwork of Fay Collins, who passed away this past September. Fay was an educator and an artist, and this painting spoke to me in a special way. Join us.

I marvel at the energy, abundance and diversity of life’s forces and I am continuously intrigued by the idea that visual qualities of landscape often appear timeless and constant yet are often tangibly dynamic.

Fay Collins


  1. I love this painting, and I love this poem. We have a broad, flat beach near us, and sometimes the sky is reflected across it in the thinnest layer of water – it really is like running across the sky. I love the way you use the clouds as images here. It’s just delightful.

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    • Thank you kindly for hosting and commenting, Sarah. This beach sounds magical. Yes, I am far from the ocean and like to daydream about the beach in the sky. This painting brought it all back.


  2. I am literally swooning right now 😀 this is beyond beautiful! Especially love; “Spent the day at blue sky beach/Feet dangling off a troposphere pier/Granite tide caves.”💝💝

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  3. The colors in this painting are so alive, so far from a monochrome, even though blue is abundant and predominant–and similarly, your poem has all kinds of shades in it, allusions and metaphors, in very compact–sometimes as compact as two words–form, each of which is fragment, a tile that is a picture in itself as well as part of the larger mosaic. Or,put more simply–a beautiful poem full of nuance that makes not just the outer landscape come alive, but the inner as well.

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