Canopy Grief

These days, we all walk the red dirt road
over the remains of our nation’s ancient trees.
Their branches hanging upside down
like collapsed bronchi.
A patchwork of sky made from their felling.
The shade of their height and girth,
the deepest loss to planet earth.

© khartless 2021, All Rights Reserved

“I feel as useless as a tree in a city park standing as a symbol of what we have blown apart.”

For Allen Ginsberg

Among other things,
thanks for explaining
how the generous death
of old trees
the red powdered floor
of the forest.

-Dorothea Grossman


      1. You’re most welcome, K. Understood. Seems like missing things has become the norm in the past 22 months. Is interesting to reflect upon….have a lovely rest of your week, K.


  1. ‘Their branches hanging upside down
    like collapsed bronchi’ – Powerful image for the plight of the lungs of the planet. Beautifully written.

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