All I Want…

I was six years old the first time I watched My Fair Lady with my mother. We share many special musical-based memories together. True, it would be years before I would read Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion, the basis for the musical, and realize the two main characters ended up farther apart and alone than at the beginning of the drama. But despite the shattering of this illusion, I have many fond memories of this musical, including a record of the soundtrack, which I now enjoy with my children.

I watched this musical when I was sick on the couch and on rainy afternoons, spinning around in circles with my sisters, who would pop by for the exciting parts to help act them out.

It’s strange that even now there is little I want more than a warm room somewhere with a big chair and a brilliant view. Somewhere cozy to do my writing, and the chocolates would also be great. It is still my favorite musical even after so many new ones have been enjoyed, so I will present to you my favorite song (and a bonus one, because everyone needs a little bit of luck).

My kids and I enjoy this song as we do chores and talk about someone else doing them. With a little bit of luck, it could happen. Great fun!

Do you have a favorite song from a musical? Be sure to share it and ping it back to Flashback Track #40.

Artwork: “A Room of One’s Own” by Ryan Inzana


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