The Halibut Sky

The halibut sky has but one eye
its missing orb migrates
but has yet to arrive.

Pressed flat on heaven’s farthest shore
its shadowy journey
all shock and gore.

The halibut sky enjoys each kill
a flatfish firmament
born to hold still.

Blending in with a speckled disguise
swirling the cosmos
the stars to incise.

The halibut sky has quite the mass
a meteor showers
from his nightly pass.

Swings his crescent tail, at times,
a bottom feeder with
a diamond’s shine.

The halibut sky shakes violently
through lengthy evenings
in the season’s sooty sea.

© khartless 2021, All Rights Reserved

The last full moon here inspired this poem, and I thought how lovely to imagine the halibut sky passing us by.


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