Cold, Cold Heart

It took less than seven seconds. The silver band with three diamonds, past present and future, but time was loose, and I pulled it off like a dirty pair of panties. I was out of reach, a beloved pet about to shed its collar.

It took less than seven seconds to cup the heirloom in my palm. There was no reason to say goodbye as my actions would shout louder than words. The ring toss into the bushes. I was aiming to get lost and the ring just went before me.

seven second start

a silver arrow takes arch

pierce a cold, cold heart.

This piece was prepared for Flashback Track #34 7 Seconds.


  1. Wow! a powerful poem with a startling image; goodbye to the past, hello future 🙂 going to enjoy this song now:) it’s not Amyll and the Sniffers but it is Elton so hear goes 🙂 [misspelling intentional]

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