Submerged, I am god

a windowpane remains up,
a foggy brown tank, and I lurk
inside an unfiltered reality,
my aquatic soul surviving,
simply waiting,
for the next underwater reverie.

In dreams,
I soak in ultramarine,
a hue that best becomes me,
and wisdom’s wrinkly waters
wade the edges of my eyes,
simply floating,
echoing an eternal silence.

sky and sea connect in me,
and seagrass shifts the
the lifelines of my hands,
exposing shipwrecked feelings
on the cliffs of fingertips.

In R.E.M.,
purged of all guilt,
golden in my crowning cave,
I cannot be dampened
by knots or degrees,
simply bubbling,
adrift in foamy reverie.

Set free.
The sea may be savior,
but submerged, I am god.

© khartless 2021, All Rights Reserved

This poem was added to dVerse’s OLN(Open Link Night). Join this month’s reaping.

Flashback Friday # 37 Dreams asks, “Do you have any dreams you’d like to sell?” Well, this one’s on me.

“I wish to paint in such a manner as if I were photographing dreams.”

Zdzisław Beksiński ~Artist of the untitled painting posted here


  1. I love this: “wisdom’s wrinkly waters”
    “The sea may be savior,
    but submerged, I am god.”
    And we are gods in our dreamland aren’t we. Wonderful water-dream connection you make.

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  2. This is incredibly potent! I especially love; “Diving, sky and sea connect in me, and seagrass shifts the lifelines of my hands,exposing shipwrecked feelings resurfacing on the cliffs of fingertips.”💝💝

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you kindly, Sanaa. The shipwrecked feelings may be worth exploring deeper. May schedule a verbal dive to see what else that image can uncover. Great to hear you recite this afternoon.


  3. I love this poem, and it was so great to hear you read! To me it speaks of the connection to our original home: our mother’s womb, and returning to that almost formless freedom.

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  4. Our salvation is a wet one indeed – submerged. I think it was Sandor Ferenszi who theorized that human yearning is at bottom a longing to return to waters life emerged from half a billion years ago. Our blood has the same salt content as sea water, our verses most rapt when awash. For a sea-farin’ soul, I loved the blue alembics here. Well done.


  5. Sooo glad you joined us at dVerse LIVE yesterday! I am a bit late in the actual reading….last night was my first time to host LIVE and I was a bit nervous. All went well until the timing snafu….we will get that remedied before the next one.

    I really enjoyed this post….most especially smitten by these words:
    sky and sea connect in me,
    and seagrass shifts the
    the lifelines of my hands,
    exposing shipwrecked feelings
    on the cliffs of fingertips.”

    One thing….do please remember to always either Tag dVerse or put a statement at the end of your post that refers to dVerse….something like Posted today at for OLN Live.
    This was the only time, in all the prompts I’ve written for dVerse, that I forgot to mention the requirement to refer folks back to dVerse. It increases your readership and gets more people to dVerse at the same time as well. Usually, I also mention in my prompt, that if there’s not a Tag or mention back to dVerse, I will nicely nudge you to do so but if it’s not, I’ll have to delete the post from Mr. Linky. Because I didn’t put that in the post, I’m most happy to leave this on Mr. Linky. But maybe, you’ll add a Tag or mention of dVerse?

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