Writer’s Blockade

I wake to bitter sea spray, a writer’s blockade. An act of war, I’m sure of it, and the chains rattle cheerfully above the crimson page. My dignified literary devices are sinking. But, this type of torture terminates if not maintained.

And the ships that block my view of the horizon are taking on water. There hulls grounded on the rocks of my adventures. Inner Critic, loses her rudder and starts leaking. This paper blockage will never hold, and I breach it with childlike creativity.

Sure, the sea will sweep over some silly pages. Heavy hulls happen like writer’s lulls. The stone fleet that weighs me down will some day wash ashore. But these are merely artifacts.

I am a rebel port, unable to be sieged. Be a blockade runner like me; the gaps are wide enough for all who are brave enough to steer straight through to the open sea.

A writer’s blockade,
wade on in, don’t be afraid;
the tides change again.

Frank is hosting Haibun Monday and tonight’s topic is writer’s block. Tell us what you do to overcome barriers to your writing.

Artwork: Clear as Mud by Marty Branagan

To scuttle them—a pirate deed—
Sack them, and dismast;
They sunk so low, they died so hard
But gurgling dropped at last
Their ghosts in gales repeat
Woe’s us, Stone Fleet!

And all for naught. The waters pass—
Currents will have their way;
Nature is nobody’s ally; ’tis well;
The harbor is bettered—will stay.
A failure and complete,
Was your Old Stone Fleet.

“The Stone Fleet” by Henry Mellville


  1. I love the extended naval metaphor, K! You have reminded me that I do sometimes have blocks when trying to carry my novel forward to where it’s going. For those times, there is poetry 🙂

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