Famished Frogs

Nothing’s wrong, but worry lingers on.
Putrid pond, scum forms tight bonds.
Frogspawn, mutant genes carry on.
Tadpoles feed on fresh-water encephalon.
Growing long, the froglets gather brawn.
Belief is strong, but death by dawn.
Denouement, amphibian-covered lawn.
Nothing’s wrong, the lullaby lingers on.

“Frogs in a moon night” by Attila Kővár

Linda is host for tonight’s Quadrille #136: Let’s Linger. Join us.


    • I enjoyed this expose on amphibians and their place in the world. Their deafening screams drove me inside de many nights. This little prose was actually scary with the fresh water encephalon eating and mutant genes. They really are “lingering” from another time period.


  1. K.,
    Loved this: “Growing long, the froglets gather brawn” The internal rhymes work perfectly throughout and each image impresses itself. Cleverly done.


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