Story Time Sunday #25

This week, I’m sharing with you a narrative poem that I wrote for the upcoming September 24th episode of Late Night Poets “Break on Through.” This narrative is based on a true story, and I’ve linked a video describing the incident for all those history buffs. There’s always a risk in retelling history, but I tried my best to capture the emotions of the tragedy. Happy Sunday, readers!

“God Speed!”
The kneeling couple waves,
as we drift apart on icy graves.
Shouting, their hearts concede,
“God will reward your kind deed.”

We are cut-off officially,
all conversation cauterized
by the raging river’s death growl,
my fractured floe moves slow
down the nauseating Niagra River.

A cursed captain, thither,
I’m tasked to take a ride
on something born wild.
Just three bridges to tame.
The first an empty rainbow,
The next, I hear my name.

“Hecock, grab tight!”
Rope from a trellis,
the rescue has height,
and I’m dangling
without mettle or might.

Courage is carrying
a stranger’s cargo,
without fear of embargo.
Soaking, I should grip,
but my arms slip.
Frozen, I should bite,
but my jaw is tight.
This reign is raw.

Exhaustion is my fatal flaw.
I must go lie
in the river’s foam,
her emerald green grasses
my final home.

© khartless 2021, All Rights Reserved 


  1. You really captured the drama in your poem – great images. I watched the video too – fascinating background, although got a bit confused when the narrator initially said it happened on the 4th August!


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